Leak lets you say what you don't dare say to someone by sending an anonymous email.

Worldwide buzz!
Produced and launched in 48h.
#1 Anonymous App on Product Hunt (before Secret and Whisper).
10+ leaks sent every minute.
75,000 leaks sent in 7 days.
Media coverage
BBC, FoxNews, CNN, Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Daily Dot, The Telegraph, TechCrunch US (x2), Business Insider (3x), Fast Company (x2), The Next Web (x2), Mashable, Engadget, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Gizmodo, Vox, Vice, Pando Daily, Les Inrockuptibles, Les Echos...
  • Concept, brand & marketing (feat. L. Desserrey)
  • Development front-end (bootstrap)
  • Development back-end (nginx-nodeJS, email server)
  • Launch / Growth hacking
Leak screenshot
Winkr is a beautiful, simple and insanely fast messenger.

Winkr goes far beyond other popular WhatsApp -like messengers as it focuses on 2 main objectives:
  • Stay in touch with friends in every circumstances
  • Meet new interesting people and grow your network
Main features
  • Insanely fast messaging service
  • Checkins: keep your friends in the loop of where you are/what you’re doing, publish your checkins seamlessly on Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter directly from the app
  • Nearby friends: if one of your friends is nearby, Winkr will notify you
  • Twitter: read latest friends tweets right from the app
  • Circles: subscribe to circles that match your interests and meet new qualitative people
  • App name research, branding & marketing
  • UX / UI design
  • iOS app development (native, iOS7)
  • Server development (nodeJS)
Winkr screenshot
Moodjo is a IRL (in real life) dating application.
It's not available anymore for downloading though.

Moodjo was a real innovation in the dating market at the time it was launched (2011): it was the first application (even before Tinder) which implemented the concept of “mutual crush”.
In Moodjo, you could tag people without any fear of getting turned down: you remained anonymous until you'd been tagged back.

This application won a lot of distinctions and mentions in media, but the worldwide buzz of Tinder, released in the US few months only after the launch of Moodjo, made things difficult for this France located app'... It's a pity: that was a good idea pretty well executed.
Media coverage
“App of the week”, “App of the week” Maddyness, “Digital Selection” LesPetitsFrenchies, “App of the week” Appliness, “App of the day” Apprism, “App of the day” AndroidMT, “Best summer apps” Le Parisien Magazine, “Best app” Orange...
And also:,, Biba, Stuff magazine, Hello, Le Mouv' Radio...
  • App name & tagline research, branding & marketing
  • UX / UI design
  • App development (native, iOS + Android)
  • Server development (nodeJS)
  • Website development
Moodjo screenshot